I obsess over models and I'm not sure what that says about me.




*rolls a blunt the size of my dick* ‘I deserve this’

thas a small blunt

don’t even pretend you’ve been graced with the sighting of *drum roll* this dick

"   You used to kiss me like you could see the stardust that runs through my veins, and I used to look at you like you had galaxies hidden inside your bones.   "
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Anonymous: you need to stop posting ass and leg pictures show some self respect


I am the “self” and I’m respecting dat ass

"   7 Billion smiles, and yours is my favorite.   "
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i did a push up why am i still fat

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me: I hate arguing

also me: I want him to say something to me so I can go the fuck off on his bitch ass!!!!!!!!

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If you ate my pussy please don’t ever try to disrespect me. Homie I fed you.

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